Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time Flies During Summer Vacation

Is summer vacation over? Has it actually been over 2 months since I last posted? Was I 10 lbs. thinner when I started this blog? Did I forget to brush my teeth today?? (By the way, I already know the answer to these questions and, sadly, the answer is a resounding YES across the board.)

However, I am back, ready to pick up where I left off over 2 (ahem) months ago and continue my "100 Things About Me" list. Read on for more fascinating, yet useless facts about me that you never wanted to know.

"100 THINGS ABOUT ME" (21-30):

21. I am a SAHM. That's the cool hip way of writing "stay at home mom." Yeah, I know lingo. Word to your mother.

22. Being a stay at home mom is kind of like being a doctor but instead of the letters MD after my name, my name is followed by the letters SAHM and instead of wearing a white jacket and stethescope, my uniform is usually pajama pants and a stained t-shirt but whatever.

23. I am now officially the mom of a second grader. Although I love him with all of my heart and more than words can express, the first day of school couldn't come soon enough.

24. I am also now the mom of a kindergartner. As I did for my son, I will homeschool our daughter for her first year of education. Beb received straight A's in first grade, so I guess I didn't screw up too much teaching him how to read and how to do basic math. Let's just hope the same holds true with Al, what with me being two years older and two year's worth of my brain cells dead.

25. In addition to my titles of SAHM and homeschool teacher, I am also co-owner of a masonry restoration business. And by co-owner, I mean that I do none of the work and my husband does all of the work. Our business does have my name in the title so, in my mind, that makes me co-owner. My husband may or may not agree.

26. Before I was CEO of our masonry restoration business, I worked at a variety of jobs over the years. For some unknown reason, I have been hired for every job that I have applied for. That is no surprise to those who know me, what with my undeniable wit and sparkling personality. That, or I really know how to do a good "snow job." Regardless, I have had more jobs than I can count on both hands (and both feet for that matter.)

27. I am really good at getting hired for jobs. Sticking with any of them, not so much.

28. Some of my career choices that, in hindsight, were probably best left to those with experience and skills included: dental assistant (3 different dental offices, you think I would have learned after the first one but no); working in the food industry (pizza place and candy store - enough said); working for a magazine editor (the editor was never in the office and all I did was watch tv...come to think of it, I wonder if they are hiring again); construction worker (yes, I said construction worker); cleaning houses (my husband just laughs at that one and if you saw our house at this moment you would understand); and working in the health industry as a home health aid (and believe it or not, I actually went to "home health aid school" or whatever it was they called it.)

29. I was also a pageant director for 14 years.

30. Before becoming a pageant director, I was a pageant contestant.

And with that exciting cliffhanger, I am off to clean my house.

Stop laughing.