Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Northwoods Kind Of Christmas (Sort Of)

We don't live in the Northwoods. Sorry to disappoint if you we're expecting to see pictures of a cozy little cabin nestled deep in the tall pines of northern Wisconsin. We do, however, live in a cozy little cabin in Illinois! Close enough, huh? My father-in-law does live in northern Wisconsin, if that counts. (By the way, if you have the opportunity to visit northern Wisconsin and you love fishing, snowmobiling and relaxing - I highly recommend it. Not that I love to fish or snowmobile......but relaxing, that I can do.)

Since we live in a log home, I was so excited when I found these Northwoods-y Christmas ornaments at a garage sale this past summer. And if you know anything about me, it's that I love my garages sales. The ornaments were brand new (still with tags) and I snagged them for 50 cents each.

Two words: cha ching.

I realize that a fishing themed Christmas tree might not be every body's cup of tea. I get that. Because, honestly, before I found these ornaments I never would have thought of myself as an outdoors-y Christmas tree decorating kind of woman. Especially since I love all things sparkly.

Plus the fact that I don't really do outdoors. Too many bugs.

But, you know what? My northwoods Christmas tree has grown on me. And nothing says Merry Christmas like jolly old St. Nick in flannel, a tackle hat and proudly displaying his trophy trout.

Kind of brings a tear to my eye.


  1. I think that is a very cool and unique idea for a tree! I like it.

  2. I love the bear with the sardine in the can! Cute!

  3. Oh those are lovely! Those seem perfect for a log home :) And score on their price!