Sunday, February 7, 2010

You Have To See This

Are you crying as much as me right now?

In the midst of all of our crazy home improvement projects, I really needed this beautiful reminder. Carpet choices and paint colors somehow don't seem all that important now.


  1. I saw this and it made me cry! So I sent it to all my friends and made them cry!

    sandy toe

  2. I was worried at first that it was going to have a tragic ending. (though I guess it kind of does)
    But it's a nice reminder not to take this time for granted.
    Thanks for posting it:)

  3. You are in the TOP 100 at Internet Cafe Devotions! Congratulations!

    Every year Internet Café Devotions hosts Blessed Aroma, a call out to blog readers to nominate their favorite blogs, in specific categories, written by Christian Women. Those with the most nominations are compiled into a list that gives us the TOP 100 Christian Women’s blogs each year.

    Your blog was chosen this year in the category of: “All New Flavor Blog”. We hope this blesses you as much as you have blessed others!

    Thanks for all that you do in your online ministry. Have an amazing day!

  4. Blessed by your blog and following along now!!

    Hope you'll stop by my place for a visit sometime!

    Sweet Blessings!

  5. Hi Val, my name is Sue, I came by to congratulate you on winning your Blessed Aroma Award.And have been so blessed by this video you have shared, it brought back so many wonderful for me.' I would love to share this video on my blog some time.
    I have so enjoyed visiting you today.

  6. Just checking on you. How are you doing?