Monday, May 3, 2010

Soul Searching

Happy Monday (is there such a thing?)!!!

I can't seem to get my act together the past few months when it comes to my blog. I would love to get back into the swing of things, posting on a regular basis, but I just haven't been motivated enough to post. Lately, I have been a little pre-occupied with a few things, which have me staying up WAY past my bedtime. So, needless to say, I haven't been prioritizing my time properly and blogging seems to take a backseat.

One of the things that I have been pre-occupied with, which I am not quite ready to share just yet, has me doing a lot of soul searching. The issue is making me wonder whether it's God's will or my own. Sometimes it's really tough to tell the difference!

Anyway, I hope you are all doing great and enjoying some great weather in your neck of the woods. It's sunny and beautiful here in Illinois today! I can't believe it's already May....just a few more weeks and the kids will be done with school and then SUMMER!

OK, wasn't it just Christmas?? Where does the time go?

For now, I will leave you with two of my favorite souls......

Ali (brand new 6 year old) and Sherman (a few weeks away from being a brand new 18 year old....he's almost legal. AAAWWW!!)

My babies are growing up.

Again, I ask, where does the time go?


  1. Hi there! Happy you're back (ish)! I'm with you. I've been neglecting my blog due to issues at home and general lack of motivation too. Hey, it's our blog, our rules right?
    Hang tough as New Kids on the Block would recommend.

  2. Blogs should take a back seat to life, for sure.

    God's Will... sometimes it just takes time to discern what is His will and what is our own. But if you truly seek Him, then He will ready the path that He wants you to take. I feel like I'm at a crossroads of sorts too... all "good" paths, but what is the BEST one? I think I just have to wait a while longer as His plan unfolds enough for me to know where my foot should land next.