Sunday, June 14, 2009

No Excuses

I have no excuse as to why it has taken me over a week to post. I could give you a million reasons why I didn't have time this past week to continue my "100 Things About Me" list. For instance, a birthday party AND graduation party on the same day. Shopping for gift for said birthday party and shopping for new clothes for said graduation party (let's just say I'm not the same size as last summer and not in a good way.) Then, of course, there's always the house cleaning, doing the dishes and the never-ending laundry, all of which I try to avoid (if possible) but my family insists on eating every day and having clean underwear on a regular basis. Whatever. There was also the mowing of over 1 acre of grass that hasn't seen a tractor in two weeks. I survived the ordeal with help from Ben (Bebby) but that's two hours I'll never get back and I have the sunburn to prove it. A woman's work is never done.

And now, after much anticipation from my many readers (all of approximately none so far), I give you "100 THINGS ABOUT ME" (11-20):

11. It starts with the letter "i" and it's not Idaho, Indiana or Iowa.

12. Abraham Lincoln was from our state.

13. My children play with Lincoln logs (that was random but read on, my friends.)

14. My dad, husband and I built our house. It's a log house. See how I did that?

15. Ten years older and two children later, I couldn't build another house if you paid me.

16. Well, maybe. If the price was right.

17. Plus, I have easy access to cheap labor, what with a 7 and 5 year old at my disposal.

18. Oh, I'm kidding.

19. I would make them work for free.

20. Forty-eight hours of back labor with my first and gaining 63 lbs. with my second, they so owe me.

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