Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pajama Mama Is Born

You might be wondering, why the name "pajama mama?" Then again, like me, you might be wondering what's on t.v. tonight. Anyway, I became pajama mama (in my mind) back in 2002 after our first baby was born (who is now a newly promoted second-grader!) Like most new moms, I didn't have it in me to take a shower every day or even brush my hair. Since it was February and cold outside, we mostly stayed indoors at home. I saw no good reason to change out of my pajamas. Except for a visit from the occasional Fed-Ex delivery man, I really had no motivation to look glamorous. Don't get me wrong, some days I actually did brush my teeth. I do have some hygiene pride you know. But in those early mommy days, my pajamas became my new best friend. They provided the comfort I needed when the baby wouldn't stop crying and the house was a disaster and I was too exhausted to even breathe. When baby number two came along in 2004 (who will be starting kindergarten in the fall), I also had an active toddler on my hands and didn't have the luxury of staying inside all day. So, I managed to work my way up to dressing in "real" clothes most days and venturing out of the house.

Old habits die hard, though. There are still some days that I just don't feel like changing out of the comfort of my pj's. I have driven my son to school in them, taken the kids to the park in them and, on occasion, have pumped gas wearing my jammies (talk about stylin' at the pump.) I have yet to go grocery shopping wearing pajamas but have seriously considered it on more than one occasion. I can imagine my mom's jaw dropping when she reads that! She reminds me that she used to do her grocery shopping in a dress and heels, with all 6 kids in tow! Mom, you are my hero!

So most days, I am usually out of my pajamas after breakfast. Other days, well let's just say, my hair and teeth might not see a brush.

Just sayin'....

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