Saturday, January 9, 2010

Storage Containers Are My New BFF

Cleaning, organizing and sorting......OH MY!

I'm kinda tired. I've been an organizing fool this past week and I'm not done yet. It's exhausting getting a house clean and organized. Who knew?

I'm pretty excited about the progress I'm making. I never thought it was possible to be excited about cleaning and organizing. Who knew?

I have to admit, I've been accused of being "over the top" at times. Becoming overly passionate about certain projects. I don't really see it in this particular situation. I mean, having dreams about storage containers, file folders and other various organizing paraphernalia is perfectly normal right?

That's not at all weird, right?

Don't answer that please.

By the way, I actually went to K-Mart today in search of new cutting-edge storage and organizing tools. Because I'm a weird dork who thinks that makes for a fun Saturday afternoon.

What's even weirder, I actually went to the store looking like this chick:

I may look very disheveled at this point but on the bright side my house has never looked better.


  1. Love this!! I so want to be organized and neat, but it takes the whole house being on board, and, well, I just don't think it's gonna happen. BUT I must confess that everytime I find a nifty new container or organizer, I buy it!!

  2. I'm impressed! It's all I could do this weekend to put away the Christmas stuff.
    Then I took a nap.

  3. so long as the robe is closed then i'm okay with that.

    they still have k-mart's around?