Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Love

The 11th season of Big Brother ended tonight. I am heartbroken. It ended all too soon. What will I do every Tuesday night at 8:00 and every Thursday and Sunday nights at 7:00? Why Big Brother? Why did it have to end? Was there someone else? I gave you everything Big Brother. We were together a long time and shared a lot over the years. I will truly miss our special time together.

Until next week when the new season of Survivor begins.

Anyhoo, with much anticipation, I give you more stuff about me.

"100 THINGS ABOUT ME" (51-60):

51. I have a serious problem. It's hard to admit but today I come clean.

52. My name is Valerie and I am a reality tv addict. Oh, the shame.

53. It all started about 9 years BK (before kids) when hubby and I were able to watch tv shows that didn't involve a yellow sponge named Bob or a backpack toting explorer.

54. Little did I know, back in 2000, I was about to begin a roller coaster relationship with a little showed called "Big Brother."

55. Strangers living in a house for 3 months, with no connection to the outside world, voting to evict houseguests out every week? And we can watch their every move?

56. What is this madness you speak of CBS?

57. What would be the harm in watching one episode? After 5 minutes, I was hooked. How could I not be? I tuned in every episode to see Jamie single handily bring back the lip gloss revolution, to see one legged Eddie hobble across the backyard screaming "Don't be a hater!" and to see Chicken George being, well, Chicken George. Big Brother and I were a match made in heaven.

58. As I watched throughout the next several seasons, I often wondered how I would do if I were rooming in the Big Brother house with the likes of Dr. Wil, Mike Boogy, Cowboy, Janel and Evil Dick.

59. I'm pretty I would be crying within the first hour. People can be so cruel in the Big Brother house.

60. Well, that AND seeing the pool in the backyard and remembering that I would probably be required to wear a swimsuit on national television at some point. This would send me running back into the house crying, begging Big Brother for only fully clothed HOH and VETO competitions. This would not go over well with the other guests because they're young and they don't have stretch marks. Then they all gang up on me because I am the old lady in the house who is cramping their style. Then the unspeakable happens. I am the first one evicted from the Big Brother house. Oh, the horror.

Makes me want to apply for next season.

Gotta love that reality tv drama.

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