Saturday, November 14, 2009

And So It Begins......

Somebody lost her first tooth yesterday morning.

Baggie containing the tooth, which she carried around all day.
She couldn't wait to show Daddy and Ben!

And yes, the Tooth Fairy visited Ali last night and left her $3 (but only after going to bed first and then suddenly remembering that she was on duty.)


  1. sometimes the tooth fairy just has a really long day!

  2. How cute! And Wow that's one cool tooth fairy at your house! :) Ours leaves $1 :)

  3. I am glad someone remembers when the toothfairy needs to make an appearance! I have the worst time with this and have forgotten twice. Had to make up a silly story as to why she did not come both times. Maybe the next time one of the kids loses a tooth I should write myself a little reminder note and tape it to my pillow. :)