Monday, October 26, 2009

Changing Lives One Gift At A Time

Today I signed up to do the "29 Day Giving Challenge." I was inspired to do so after watching an interview this morning of Cami Walker on the Today Show. After struggeling with multiple sclerosis and the pain and depression that accompanied her illness, Cami was encouraged to try giving for 29 days to see if it changed her perspective in any way. So, after a sleepless night at 3:00 in the morning, Cami decided to give the idea a try. Not only did it change her perspective about her illness, it changed her life in ways she never could have imagined! On day 14 of giving, she no longer needed to walk with her cane! You can read Cami's entire story at where you can also sign up for the 29 Day Giving Challenge. The gifts of giving can be whatever it is you feel compelled and able to do. Maybe you feel led to call a friend, who is going through a difficult time, to offer a few words of encouragement. Or maybe you want to make your husband his favorite dinner because he has had a tough week at work. Or maybe you smile and say hello to a stranger. Or maybe you have a few extra dollars and decide to pay for the cutomer behind you at McDonald's. Or maybe you bake some cookies for your eldery neighbor and deliver them as an unexpectied surprise. Or maybe......well, you get the idea!

I am really excited to begin my challenge tomorrow. I believe it will be the beginning of something really special. I'll be sure to post about my experience, as I begin this wonderful challenge!

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