Sunday, October 4, 2009

Domestically Challenged? Welcome to My World.....

Today was a "do nothing" kind of day.

I have been having a lot of those lately.

I don't know why that is. It actually could be because of any number of reasons. Including, but not limited to, the following:

A) I don't actually like doing things (if those things involve cleaning, scrubbing, organizing, grocery shopping, cooking and all things domestic.)

B) I am old and tired. 40 is not the new 30, no matter what they say.

C) I am allergic to dust. And cooking. Strange but true.

I know what you are thinking. These are all very valid reasons for not cleaning and cooking. I hear you, I do. However, I don't think any of them are the real reason why I am so domestically challenged. I think if I were to dig a little deeper, I would discover why I will never appear on the cover of Martha Stewart's magazine.

Does Martha Stewart even have a magazine? That's how "out of the loop" I am when it comes to this kind of stuff.

After reading blog after blog of other super hero Moms who are able to keep their household running on an even keel, I finally figured out what my problem is.

I lack direction. And a plan.

How do you like them apples? Pretty profound, huh?

In all honesty, I really do want a clean, organized home. I really do want to be a better cook and make delicious and healthy meals for my family. I really do desire to sew all of our clothes, make soap and churn butter.

My life motto is "Go Big or Go Home."

Seriously, I would love to be a better homemaker. Is "homemaker" politically correct? Or are we now called Domestic Divas? Again, out of the loop. Anyway, what I have found is that other moms who have it all together, seem to have some type of method to their madness. I am learning so much about domestic issues that I never knew I wanted to know.

Surprisingly, I am all excited about it.

Originally when I discovered the blog world, I really enjoyed reading humorous stories of women keeping it real for the readers. Stories of moms pulling their hair out and drowning their stress in a double mocha cappacino latte something or other. Those stories made me feel like I wasn't alone in this crazy ride we call motherhood. They still do.

Then I started to notice that many of these same hair-pulling, caffeine-drinking mamas were also getting stuff done. And they were pretty good at it, too.

Because they have direction. And a plan.

Whether it's following daily chore charts, preparing a months worth of meals and then freezing them or organizing the entire house in handy storage containers, there is a secret to their success. All have incorporated ways of doing things that have helped them to be more organized and efficient, thus succeeding at getting things done.

Did I just use the word "thus?"

So, I think when it really comes down to it, it's just a matter of learning the tricks of the trade. It's not rocket science or a "domestic gene" that I wasn't born with. It's just a matter of incorporating some of these clever little household tips, little by little and week by week, and maybe I just might start making some progress. I will continue to scour (scour, get it? oh, never mind) my favorite blogs for helpful hints and domestic advice. There are so many awesome domestic divas out there to teach me the ropes. So, if you have any smart little tips you would like to pass on, please don't hesitate to share! I'm very excited to begin the process and report on any transformation that ensues.

OK. Seriously, did I use the word "ensues" properly? You never know with me.

So, here's to starting over and turning over a new leaf. Tomorrow is a new day!

Because now I have direction. And a plan.


  1. unfortunatly i had a "do-nothing day" too...which is just too bad...i had big plans!

  2. Good luck! Keep us posted! Don't feel bad b/c I have a lot of do-nothing days too from time to time. I think we need those every now and then! :)

  3. I am such a a fault. I'm lost without my! Sometimes those do nothing days are exactly what's needed. :)

  4. We all have days like that. We wouldn't be human if we didn't! I don't really have a "plan" or direction at all, in fact, most days I feell like a wild chicken running around with it's head cut off!! But somehow I manage to keep things in check around here. Sort of. :)

  5. Back in the day I used to be a real slob, honestly. I read a book that talked about keeping up with meals, laundry and dishes and thought "But how do I DO that? That's what I'm having trouble with?"

    Finally I did some stuff which I posted about here and it really did make a difference.

    I just was tried of feeling like a failure in my own home and was tired of being embarrassed when people dropped by unexpectedly.

    I totally agree that without direction or a plan, you just sort of spin your wheels.

    Also, some of us tend to be perfectionists, and we won't start a project if we a)don't feel like we can get it done perfectly or b)don't feel like we have enough time to complete it.

    And some of us tend to be lazy and that's why we need a plan, lol!

    I've learned that even a little bit of work on something is better than not working at all!

  6. Oh, keep your motivation up and feel free to email me if you want to talk about your successes or post 'em here! It'll encourage you and help you have some accountability!

  7. Sorry, but forgot to ask if you've discovered flylady? She gives little missions and breaks things down into what she calls baby steps, which is very helpful!