Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Take A Walk With Me Down Memory Lane

I am traveling down Memory Lane to April of 2008 for Ali's birthday. It was a Saturday and Ray had to work that day. So, I took the kids to the movies. If memory serves me (which many times it doesn't, even if it was only 18 months ago!) this was the first time I took both of the kids to the movies by myself. I think the movie was College Road Trip starring Raven Simone. It was the only movie playing that was mostly kid-friendly and it was a Disney movie, too.

Just a few weeks before, we lost our baby in the 11th week of my pregnancy. I was still grieving at the time and probably didn't feel much like doing birthday stuff but I needed to push forward for Ali's special day. Even in the midst of pain and loss, God reminds us that we can find joy and that there is always something to smile about.

Like my little girl's 4th birthday.

Waiting for the movie to begin. Ben looks less than thrilled that I brought my camera. Ali is holding her baby in one hand, while clutching her package of Starbursts with her other hand.

Ben can't wait for the movie to begin before diving into his popcorn, while Ali at least tries to keep up her smile all the while continuing to clutch her beloved package of Starbursts
(oh and her baby, too!)

Ben has apparently had enough of the whole picture taking thing
but Ali has never met a camera that she didn't like.

Later that night at dinner, the waitress at the restaurant brought her a
chocolate birthday cake and everyone in the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to her.
Notice the green icing on her face!

Wearing her birthday hat from Toys R Us.

While I was making her cake, Ali received a call to wish her a happy birthday.
I let her lick the spoon, as evidenced by the cake batter around her mouth!

Well, I hope you enjoyed sharing my walk down memory lane, even if it was only back to last year! Thanks, Erica at Scottsville, for setting this up! This is a great idea and so much fun!


  1. Awwwwww, thank you for joining me on my WALK! I love going on walks with friends - makes 'em more fun!

    I linked you up since it wasn't working right for you. So now you're officially on the walk. =0)

  2. Your precious ones are so ADORABLE! Even when shaking a fist for taking too many pictures! lol

    Oh, to be young again and be carefree! Nah....being a mommy is too much FUN! :> )


  3. adorable pictures!! Your kids are super cute

  4. How cute!
    I love the pic of her on the phone! :)

  5. How fun! And that picture of her on the phone with frosting on her face is darling. It's always so sweet to remember times like these.

    I'm sorry it was mixed with pain from the loss of your baby. You're a good mama for pushing forward and making this special bday happen for your daughter, in spite of what you were going through.

    I'm really looking forward to hopefully having you join in for Talkin About Thursdays next week!

  6. What cute pics! I'm sorry you were grieving at the time. I hope you are able to look back on those pictures and smile. The kids are adorable!